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Top Rated Vehicle Service Protection

We take great pride in all that we offer our clients. We have some of the most comprehensive options available that will fit all your needs. Don’t get caught off guard.


Focused On Our Clients


High level of knowledge

No Matter The Vehicle Age We Save You Money.

Using our services gives you peace of mind that you are covered incase you have an unexpected vehicle issue. We can help save you thousands on repair bills that may arise. Coverage that is focused on you and your specific needs.

Your Repairs Covered

Based on your coverage plan you are taken care of with many different options available.

Peace Of Mind

We make sure you are satisfied with our service while making sure you have the proper coverage.

Words From Our Customers

We work hard everyday to make sure that you get the best service and coverage. We want to give you true peace of mind.

Empire Auto has provided some of the best vehicle service plans I have seen in this industry! They truly know what they are doing and glad to be covered by them.

Covered and happy. They provided quick service to allow me to sign up under a plan that fit what I needed. I am happy with the response time so far!

Professional & Dedicated Team Of Experts

We are here to help and offer great plans that fit your current needs. As a customer of Empire Auto Protect you get the best service we offer, quick response times and fast to act on your requests.

Quick Response

We offer fast response times whether you are an existing customer or looking to learn more about our services.

Experienced Team

We hire only the best in the industry who are the most knowledgeable when it comes to vehicle service protectioin.

Flexible Payment

Great payment options available for coverage plans that fit your specific needs. Get best pricing today!

Tailored advice

We can adjust and focus on a plan that fits your coverage needs. We have lots of options ready to get started.

Quality Service

With vehicle service protection you are given peace of mind that you are covered with unexpected costs.

24/7 Support

Available if something happens to your covered vehicle. Whether for repair, roadside assistance or anything else.

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