How Long Can My Auto Repair Take?

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How Long Can My Auto Repair Take?

If you have ever experienced a mechanical or electrical breakdown, you are sure to have felt the stress that comes with having to leave your car at the repair shop. One of the first questions owners tend to ask after being informed about the repair process is, “How long will the repair take?”. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to that question. It all depends on the extent and nature of the damage and repair required. Every damage will come with a different repair time, depending on the vehicle’s specifications, internal mechanisms, auto parts availability, and the repair service you are using.

There is no fixed formula to help you calculate the exact time your auto repair can take. However, we can certainly help you get an estimated idea by considering different factors. Some auto repairs can take a few hours, while others can take days or even weeks. It’s important to take your vehicle to a trusted agency and never hesitate to ask for the estimated repair time. You can compare your vehicle’s damage to the different factors we have discussed in this article.

The first thing you should identify is if your auto will undergo minor or major repairs.

Minor Auto Repairs-

Minor issues are common in vehicles. These are the repairs that take less time to fix, from a few hours to a day. Minor repairs can be resolved quickly as they are less time-consuming and less dependent on components that can cause repair delays. Some minor repairs include brake pad replacement, battery replacement, belt replacement, and tire replacement, some refer to this as routine maintenance.

Brake Pad Replacement- Brake pad replacement is a common repair that takes a few hours to complete. The mechanic will remove the wheel, inspect the brake system, replace the brake pads, and reassemble everything. Afterward, the mechanic will test drive your auto to ensure everything is working correctly.

Battery Replacement- If your battery is dead or failing, it can be replaced within an hour or two. The mechanic will remove the old battery, clean the battery connections, and replace the battery with a new one. The mechanic will test the new battery to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

Belt Replacement- If your auto’s belt is damaged or broken, it can be replaced within a day. The mechanic will remove the damaged belt, install a new belt, and test it to ensure it’s working correctly.

Major Auto repairs

In the case of significant auto breakdown, auto repair will take much longer. If the repair shop gives an estimated repair time of a few days to a few weeks, this is normal. The mechanic will have to do a thorough inspection and diagnose the affected components. Different components will also need to be ordered on demand. This whole process can usually take much longer compared to minor repairs. Some common major repairs are engine replacement, transmission repair, and other internal parts replacement.

Internal Parts Replacement- In case of damage to the multipart, some internal parts will be damaged beyond repair. The mechanic will need to inspect all such parts thoroughly to avoid any surprise findings once the repair process begins. The parts not available at the auto shop will be ordered on demand. This can take weeks to a month.

Multiple areas of Damage- When dealing with autos with significant damage, the affected parts are not confined to a few. Most of the time, the repair components are more than the replacement components. For repair, the mechanic will need to remove the affected part, fix it, curate it, and then fix it back. When this is being done for more than one area, it can take from a month to a few.

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